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About Use of Cookies

Each website we operate uses Cookies for the protection of your privacy, increased convenience, delivery of advertisements, and collection of statistical data. We may also use technologies such as Cookies and JavaScript to collect the attribute information which however cannot identify an individual, even when combined with other information taken from the information you provided at the registration, such as age, gender, occupation and residential area, as well as the history of your behavior on our website (URLs and contents you accessed, reference order, etc.). This attribute information and historical behavioral information contains no personal data. You must agree to the collection of access data when you browse the website or use the Service. By continuing to browse the website or to use the Service, you will be deemed to have agreed to such collection.

The following is a list of service providers collecting your access data using Cookies. If you wish to stop the use of your access data, please go to the "Disable Cookies (Opt-out)" page of each service provider and take the specified steps.

 Purpose of Use  Company Name  Privacy Policy  Opt-Out
Statistics/analytics PIANO Japan Co.,LTD. * *
Statistics/analytics Vimeo.com, Inc. * *
Statistics/analytics Google (Analytics) * *
Statistics/analytics Treasure Data,Inc. * *
Statistics/analytics User Local,Inc. * *
Marketing Amazon.com, Inc * *
Marketing BI.Garage,Inc. * *
Marketing CMerTV,Inc. * *
Statistics/analytics Criteo * *
Marketing fluct,inc. * *
Marketing Index Exchange Inc. * *
Marketing Magnite Inc. * *
Marketing Meta Platforms, Inc. * *
Marketing OpenX Inc. * *
Marketing Outbrain Inc. * *
Marketing Supership Inc. * *
Marketing Teads Japan * *
Marketing Twitter, Inc. * *
Marketing Xandr * *
Marketing YRGLM Inc. * *
Marketing Enhance Inc. * *
Marketing Google (Ads) * *
Marketing Synergy Marketing,Inc. * *
Marketing SmartNews, Inc. * *
Marketing D.A.Consortium Inc. * *
Marketing PubMatic, Inc. * *
Marketing ValueCommerce Co.,Ltd. * *
Marketing Platform One Inc. * *
Marketing MICROAD,INC. * *
Marketing Yahoo! Japan Corporation * *
Marketing Rakuten Group,Inc. * *
Marketing LOGLY,Inc. * *

Date Prepared: April 1, 2005.
Date Revised: May 25, 2022.

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